Welcome to the Tiger Family! We know you play an important role in your student’s education.

Ezry the TigerWittenberg University is committed to partnering with you and to support your student throughout his or her academic career. This site is here to help inform you of important resources, notify you of opportunities for to get involved, and to access frequently searched pages you will find valuable.

We invite you to join with our lovable mascot, Ezry the Tiger (pictured, left) and engage with Wittenberg to encourage your student’s growth, discovery, and success. If you need information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Wittenberg Hollenbeck Hall

Welcome To Witt!

College is an exciting opportunity to imagine the possibilities and lay the groundwork for a successful future. As your child transitions to life at Wittenberg, we want to put as much information as your fingertips as possible.

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